The Boys Are Angry


  • AJ - A young man. A realist.
  • Quinn - A young man. An idealist.
  • The Girl - A young woman. An ideal.


An old house. A very old house. A compound. Fallen into weird and menacing disrepair.



Fall. Then winter. In the age of the new wild west: the internet.

Praise for The Boys Are Angry

“Bold, fresh approach”

Melanie N. Lee for nytheater now

“From the moment an invective-fueled, misogynistic spew presumably tapped out on a blogger’s keyboard is posted to the audience in the form of a frontal, ferociously lit soliloquy, The Boys Are Angry begins its fearless transition from social network screed into a morality play mobilized by the conventions of live theater.”

“Under Sam Plattus’ direction, the theater provides an intimately affecting laboratory for wry epidemiological research.”

“Quinn’s Girl...just might be hearth-and-home writ large”

Deborah Natsios for Cryptome

One of “7 Shows to See at FringeNYC 2015”

Zachary Stewart for THEATERMANIA

“The whimsical way in which Eddy plays [The Girl] and the interaction she has with the boys is the highlight of this show.”

The Boys Are Angry is a great example of what a Fringe Show is: daring, full of ideas, great talent, and the venue to make the magic happen.”

Nelson Diaz-Marcano for Manhattan with a Twist

“Eddy’s ear for the puerile humor of straight twenty-something guys feels spot-on, and Johnson and Houran expertly capture the complex nuances of their co-dependent relationship.”

The Boys Are Angry is an intelligent exploration of young white masculinity, all the more arresting having been written by a woman.”

Dan Dinero for Theatre is Easy